Professor Yemi Osinbajo at Nigeria's 59th independence church service

It will be Nigeria’s 59th Independence Day in two days – PYO

Vice President, Professor Yemi Osibajo’s message at the Nigeria’s 59th independence day interdenominational church service held in Abuja on Sunday September 29, 2019.

“It will be Nigeria’s 59th Independence Day in two days.

“And what a journey it has been.

“The Almighty God is the builder of nations and the Bible tells us that he promised the children of Israel that he would take them from bondage, suffering and slavery into the Promised Land, a land flowing with milk and honey.

“God has promised us a new Nigeria, a peaceful Nigeria, a prosperous Nigeria, a united Nigeria, where the different tribes and tongues are not wedges of separation, but the joyful textures of our togetherness.

“When God spoke about the Promised Land, spies that were sent in came back with reports of how impossible it was to take the city and enter the Promised Land. But God used Joshua and Caleb who had a different spirit to take down the well-fortified city of jericho with just a shout.

“I know many say it is impossible for Nigeria to change – “the ethnic and religious divisions are deep”, “corruption has no end”, “politicians are too selfish and mischevious” but like Caleb and Joshua, we declare that these problems are merely bread for us, we will enter the promised land!

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“The new Nigeria is here.

“God almighty has taken away the protection of the enemies of this nation. He has taken away their powers, the noise we hear, the turbulence we experience, are the last gasps of a defeated foe. The day of freedom is at the door.

“I shared all of this and more at the 59th independence day interdenominational church service.

“Nigeria will prevail.

“God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!”

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